All I see is you

The very first day I saw you, running up into your arms, the first kiss, the first touch - I can remember it all so well. It was amazing and PERFECT. After that very moment, I knew that it would only get better..and it definitely has! Each day that passes, I know it just means it's one more day closer to seeing you, feeling you and being with you again. Each night I'm dreaming of you and wishing you were here next to me. Being so far away from you is killing me. Not being able to share everyday with you, hold you in my arms, hear your voice, feel your touch, kiss your lips and have your hand in mine, it hurts so much. I wish I could be there with you to hug and kiss and squeeze you all day and night, but our time will come before we know it. I honestly think when you do come back it will have brought us closer because we will appreciate what we have so much more. All the things that we've been talking about, I know we need get it all straight, but no matter what happens, we will be together, that's a promise. No matter what path you and I decide to chose, I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I truly love you. Like I said before, you're stuck with me! What's meant to happen, will happen. Just like us, I believe WE were meant to happen and here we are. I can't wait to start our lives together, where we can share our ups and downs, our problems and joys, the good and the bad. Fate has put us through this but we'll make it and come out stronger in the end. I'm so thankful that we found each other and I couldn't imagine what or where my life would be if it hadn't happened. I love you so much and I'm counting down the days until I can hold you again.

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Priscila said...

Hi dear, i really love yor blog and let me tell u that being married its something amazing, well, i just start... hmmm i just get legally married since 5 days ago... I ment my husband since almost 2 years ago and life being apart from the person u love is difficult, u know...
Take care, Add my blog, keep in touch and best wishes for you and your family!!!